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Addison / 18th March 2021


Learn more about the top Brazil tours in the country’s north, in this article written by travel experts in Brazil For Less.

The biggest destinations for Brazilian travel are the urban centers of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and natural wonders such as the Iguazu and Pantanal. However, the northern part of the country also offers excellent options for an exciting Brazil tour. In the following, we highlight where to go and what to do in northern Brazil.


The historic city of Recife offers a great alternative to the busier destinations in Brazil. Known as the “Venice of Brazil,” Recife is filled with architectural treasures dating back to the Portuguese Colonial era. This historic building is one of the main draws of a trip to Recife. A traveler can also relax on beautiful beaches. Boa Viagem is the main stretch of beach in the city, but there are dozens more to the north and south. Six kilometers from Recife, there is another treasure, the beautiful town of Olinda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, travelers can wander the cobbled streets and soak in the serene atmosphere of this laid-back city. Good Recife & amp; Olinda hosts culturally rich Carnival celebrations, another option to consider when planning your Brazil tour.

Salvador de Bahia.

Considered by some to be the cultural capital of Afro-Brazil, Salvador de Bahia has a fascinating history and charming gifts. The influence of Brazil’s African past can be seen and heard everywhere, in people, in music, in food, in practices like capoeira and in traditions like washing steps. Salvador also offers beautiful sun beaches both in the city and on the outskirts of the city. Tourists can practice water sports or just lie on the beach for their pleasure.


The Amazon River is vast and probably empties into the Atlantic Ocean in northeastern Brazil. The town of Belem is an excellent base for exploration of this unique geography. Slightly west, the river city of Manaus is the gateway to the deep Amazon but also serves as an attraction in itself, with unique historical artifacts such as the Teatro Amazonas, an opera house. Options for an Amazon tour include jungle lodgings where you can spend a few days or a week immersed in river and rainforest environments or alternatively, an Amazon cruise on a specially equipped boat to navigate the Amazon River and its hidden treasures.

Fernando did Noronha.

The archipelago is actually off the coast of mainland Brazil, but is more accessible from Recife or Fortaleza. Known for its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine wildlife, Fernando de Noronha will appeal to snorkelers and divers, but other travelers will also find plenty to see and do. The entire archipelago is a protected area, so the payment of a national park fee is necessary, but this also ensures that the stunning natural features of this environment will remain as choking as possible.

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